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Upcoming Dates Lecturer Lecture Topic

Special Saturday Event

September 23, 2023

Prof. Ted von Hippel  (ERAU)

History of Telescopes and JWST 
October 27th, 2023 Dr. Mariel Lares  Asteroseismology
November 17th, 2023        Dr. Jeremy Riousset  Planetary Lightning!
January 26th, 2024 Dr. Jason Aufdenberg  Spica: two stars and their nebula
February 23rd, 2024  Dr. Sarah Ballard (at Museum of Arts and Sciences, not on campus)  Exoplanets
March 29th, 2024  TDB  

Public Lecture at 7pm (Willie Miller Auditorium)

Observations from 8pm - 11pm (College of Arts and Sciences) 

Please join us for the Astronomical Observatory Open House nights at ERAU's Daytona Beach campus! These free events allow the campus community and members of the general public of all ages to view the night sky through the Observatory's telescopes, ask questions, and learn about our universe. Weather permitting, celestial objects will be visible through a collection of telescopes from the roof-top observing deck and through our new 1-meter telescope from within the large dome.

There are typically several open house events during the fall and spring semesters hosted by ERAU's student Amateur Astronomy Club. Events are on selected Friday nights (see above). A public lecture is hosted at 7pm just before the Astronomy Open House. Observations will follow from 8pm to 11pm.

View the sky through many of the Observatory's telescopes and binoculars.  We have step stools so kids can reach the eyepiece!

In addition to viewing the night sky through our telescopes, explore our astronomy posters and take a walking tour of the solar system. There is no fixed program for observations and no reservations are necessary. Just drop by to see the stars!

**1-meter Telescope Tickets**
Free tickets with tour times are distributed on a first come first served basis.  Due to space limitations in the 1-meter dome there is a limit to how many people can observe through the 1-meter in a single night. 

Tickets will be distributed at the Willie Miller Instructional Center, where the public lecture is held. Tickets are only available in person, and not distributed until 6:45pm the night of.

There are many other activities to explore: view a 3D poster gallery of images from Mars, interact with different types of telescopes and learn how they work, take a walking guided tour of the solar system, interact with our gravity-well simulator, see microscopic meteorites, see rockets built by students, perform physics and chemistry demonstrations with students, view informational astronomy posters, view our astrophotography gallery, and more! There is no fixed program for observations and no reservations are necessary.

Astronomy Open House nights are proudly sponsored and supported by: Embry-Riddle Observatories, Amateur Astronomy Club, and the Daytona Beach Campus Department of Physical Sciences.

Donations kindly accepted:

Directions: The Astronomy Open House is no longer located behind the Lehman Engineering Building along the former creek. Please look for our new home in the College of Arts and Sciences Building with the 30-foot observatory dome on top.


If you have additional questions about the observatory, you can email aufded93 @ erau . edu